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Friday, 24 November 2017

What is Advantange About Start A blog

Hello Friends 
how are you all .after few days i am too busy in my basic works so i can not share anything in my blog.

today i discuss about what is the advantage in your life start a blog in a blogspot platfrom or wordpress platfrom.

there are many web platform where you should start a blog in a easy way .some of them are 
tumbler ,vix ,drupal,jumla, etc .you should express your thoughts about what you know about anything than you can share in web and helping other .
if you share your thoughts in web there have many advantage and disadvantage about it.
in this post i share about positive side of a start a blog in web.
Friends at first you should know about what is blog ?
in simple way blogger or blog is a dairy where you maintain it in your daily life.or simply a biography of your life share in one word blog is a web dairy .

smple way when you born you shouldnt know anything of life. But when you are growing you can know about things or every things in your  surround.If this one is milk,water ,home ,father ,mother,chair or anythings. in early of a child we do not know anything. after some years when we start join a school than we know about alphabets and other numbers. As like as your life in web there are same conditions .in first stage of web i dont know anything about it.

now i know about search engines, social media and othere things of web where you should also earn money from todays world every one is educated but every one is a master in a different sides. as like as that in web sides i am a web begginer i want to learn from other and collect the information about anythings and post in my blog.

thats all.blogger is a diary .
as like as blogger there are same web platforms are Tumbler.
tumbler also a microblogging platforms .where you should connect others as like as facebook ,twitter,instagarm, in a internal link or a external links .
tubler is a social site founded by david crap in 2007.
now its a great company in 3rd generation tubler also fight with facebok or other social platforms.

Drupal is also  blogger platform avaiable in web .  you maintain your open source mangement framework setting or other things sharering your knowledge learn from web .
drupal is writing in PHP and distribute GNU( general public licences)
its launched in 2000. in operating system drupal is runing in unix lite and Windows.

JUMLA  is a free and open content mangement system.for publishing web is built a model view controler web application framework that can be used in indepedently of the cms WIKIPEDIA.

Vix is also same as joomla or drupal .

FINAL WORDS :THERE are many platform where you should start a blog thats your choice.but in my knowledge Wordpress is a best platforms to start a blog in a simple way .