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Thursday, 30 March 2017

some questions really truble in my mind when i think about technology world.......s

Basically learning is a best way to recognize himself.If I think or se the technology revulation I really need to know these words where we use nowadays mobile ,internet ,social media,or digital marketing sector ...these questions in my minds ...

some questions really truble in my mind when i think about technology world.......s

We normally use data ,cloud,security,storage,design,models,universall,wlan or tp link,internet protocols,or wifi. In technologycally words. .     But can we want to remember or know ...

In these segment I able to reach some questions in my mind .

Questions are ..........

Some Questions REally Trouble In My Mind

1.what is bios?

2what is motherboard?

3.what is a CMOS?which words contains our blogs web address..
4.what is DNS?
5.what is a internet protocol version ?
6.what is transistors?
7.what is diode?
8.what is a proxy server?
9.what is a caption?
10.what is a processor?
11.what is a Android?
12.what is a ram?
13.what is a OS ?
14.what is a base cable?
15.what is router?
16.what is a website traffic?
17.what is a remote server?
18.whqt is a processor?
19.what is protocol?
20.what is convertor diode?
21.what is axeal?
22.what is a rotary?
23.what is a Zener type diode?
24.what is scrs ?
25.what is a D's?
26.what is bridge rectifier?
27.what is RDCs?
28.what is a path?
29.what is a intergrted circuit
30.what is gate?
31.what is diac triac ?
32.what is mfr,cfr,mor,isolated,bussed?
33.what is Rf npn and PNP?
34.what is jumpers.?
35.what is a template~?
36.what is graphic cards?
37.what is a public key ?
39.what is Apache?
40.what is Dom explorer ?
41.what is dos?
42.what is a path?
43.what is a thumbprint?
44.what is DLL and RSS ?
45.what is a niche?
46.what is public key?
47.what is a sata ?
48.what is pata?
49.what is LAN?
50.what is a man ?
51.what is wan ?
52.what is c
53.what is system language?
54.what is c++?
55 .what is hyper text markup language?
56.what is bit? How many type of bit in system worlds?
57.what is diskpart ?
58.what is a intergrted circuit
59.what is microw controller ?
60.what is dsp?
61.what is GAls/pAls?
62.what is buzzers ?
63.what is cmd? type of processors many types of machine language???

If we able to know these question I think we can reach near the revulation of technically in one step more ...

Friends in future segment I briefly explain these above questions or get more about technology....keep reading ☺☺☺☺☺☺👌👌👌👌👌